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Script Copying & Shipping Service For Screenwriters

Hollywood Script Express is an online printing and shipping service tailored for the entertainment industry that allows screenwriters to upload their script from anywhere in the world and have it professionally printed, bound and shipped by FedEx to any worldwide destination or hand delivered by courier, to any address in Los Angeles on the same day. This unique service is especially beneficial for out-of-state and overseas screenwriters eager to easily and cost-effectively present their scripts in Hollywood's industry-specific format.

How It Works...

All you need is a web browser and a script file. No paper, toner or stamps! Simply upload your script and our professional printing partners will print and copy it in US Letter format, bind it with industry standard three-hole punch brass 'ACCO' brads and professional card stock covers, and ship it from Los Angeles, saving you time and a small fortune on international shipping. You can even write a cover letter and include a submission release and/or contest application form with your script. It's really that simple.

Submission Tracking Tools

When you submit your script through Hollywood Script Express you will also have access to a suite of powerful submission tracking tools which include contact management and communication history, follow-up reminders, feedback compilation, response stats graphs and copyright protection. Create a free account, select the service you require, upload your script and let us take care of the rest!
Script Submission

  • Upload script from your computer, wherever you are in the world
  • Script file is automatically converted to PDF if not in that format
  • Write cover letter to accompany each submission
  • We professionally print, bind and present your script
  • We ship from LA via FedEx or Same Day Courier
  • Ship to multiple locations in a single order
  • You receive tracking information (if applicable to shipping method)
  • Your script is securely stored on our servers for future submissions
  • Retrieve your PDF script from our online portal, any time, anywhere
Contact Management

  • Manage your contacts through our administration interface
  • Keep a detailed record of all communication history
  • Keep notes and send emails through Hollywood Script Express
  • Track all submissions or filter by contact, country or category
Calendar & Follow-up Reminders

  • Schedule events & tasks on your own personal calendar
  • Create email reminders for events and submissions
  • Be alerted to reminders on log-in and via email
  • Snooze reminders or reschedule
  • Never lose track of your submissions again
Graphical Submission Statistics

  • Manage submission status from "optioned" to "released"
  • View visually engaging graphs of monthly submission stats
  • Filter graphs and stats by order, script, contact and date
Manage Feedback

  • Create multiple dated feedback records for each submitted script
  • Associate feedback with your contacts
  • View all feedback per script or filter by contact
  • Print all feedback per script or individual records
  • Save your feedback to PDF and Word to assist you with rewrites

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