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How does your service differ from that of The US Copyright Office?
Although copyright protection exists at the moment of creation, only The US Copyright Office can issue a formal copyright, and registration with the Copyright Office is required before a lawsuit can be brought. Because of this we advise all our clients to file their work with the US Copyright office but this process can take up to six months to complete so our service exists not only to give you the added peace of mind that your work has been digitally timestamped upon submission but to offer you Submission Tracking Tools, independently recording what projects were sent where and on what date.

Waiting six months while your US Copyright Application is being processed is not practical so registering your work with us allows you to market your material, safe in the knowledge that HSX has recorded the submission of your work. You should also always save all correspondence with anyone you send your work to, whether through HSX or a third party. Even rejection letters can be important evidence in an infringement case.

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