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Can I activate Movie Outline without an internet connection?
Yes, follow the steps below to activate your software without a direct internet connection:

  1. Select Activate from the Help Menu
  2. Enter your Serial Number exactly as it appears on your receipt email or Registration Card
  3. Click Manual Activation
  4. The Activation Options window appears. Select "Activate using a different computer that has web access" and click Next
  5. Copy the Installation ID exactly as it appears or paste and save it to a file
  6. Go to on another computer which has web access
  7. Enter the Installation ID in the web page input field and click Submit
  8. If your Serial Number was valid you will be presented with an Activation Key. Take this back to your computer, follow steps 1-3, but on step 4 select "I already have an Activation Key and would like to activate now" and click Next
  9. Enter your Activation Key into the input fields and click Activate
Once your computer is activated, the software's demo restrictions will be removed and you will have full access to all of Movie Outline's features.

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