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I sent an Agency my script as they requested but I haven't heard anything back - what should I do?
Give the company some time. This is the biggest thing in your life, but to them, it's just another day at the office. Give them about 4-8 weeks before following up with a second letter or email. We do not recommend calling until you've established a relationship. If you still don't hear anything after that, you should assume they have passed and that the material is just not right for them at the moment. You must not take rejection personally, not every project is right for everybody.

Just pick up that paper and pen - alright, keyboard - and write another letter to a different company. If the rejections start to pile up on a specific project, then consider a rewrite of the script. Perhaps write back to one of the agents that passed and ask them for feedback. Most likely a junior agent or assistant was the one who actually read your script and often they will send you their coverage or notes so that you can improve your project.

Occasionally you'll find that they'll offer to read a rewrite or encourage you to contact them when you have a new script ready to go. Remember, never burn a bridge in Hollywood. Your worst enemy can one day become your best and most lucrative friend. Tip: If you do write a new draft and take it back out to market, a good trick to improve your odds of a re-read is to change the title of the new draft to prevent it from being flagged by the agency’s submission log as already having been read/covered.

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